The Golden Retriever is by far one of the most popular, and cutest, designs in Infinity's Ink's portfolio. Both of Infinity's Ink's founders grew up with dogs, and created additional designs based on their dogs which can also be found in the shop. This golden retriever design was inspired by a real-life golden, Bruce! You can check out our furry friend on instagram, @san_diego_bruce.



Of Infinity’s Ink’s vibrant landscape stickers, the Northern Lights design quickly emerged as a fan favorite. One of Infinity's Ink's founders, Mo, was fortunate enough to witness the northern lights in person on a trip to Alaska and knew it would translate perfectly into a sticker. The picture that was used as inspiration for this design was taken of the Aurora Borealis in Alaska.



The New York State sticker was the second state design that Infinity’s Ink ever created, and it remains a bestseller to this day. Since both of Infinity's Ink's founders grew up and go to college in Ithaca, NY, a small town in the finger lakes, this design hits especially close to home. When creating this sticker, Infinity's Ink wanted to make sure that all of New York's major highlights were featured in hopes that anyone who loves New York would have a personal connection with the design.



The Snow Leopard design stemmed from Infinity’s Ink's desire to contribute to the protection of endangered and vulnerable species. As avid animal lovers, Infinity's Ink's founders, Cam and Mo, wanted to give back to an organization who has a long history of fighting to save species who face extinction: the World Wildlife Fund. For each purchase of a Snow Leopard sticker or any other endangered species design, Infinity’s Ink donates 10% of proceeds to the WWF! Fun fact: snow leopards wrap their tails around themselves when resting to keep warm!