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During winter break of their freshman year of college, after weeks of contemplating business start-up ideas and binging ABC's Shark Tank, Infinity's Ink's founders, Cam and Mo, decided to combine their passion for business, finance, and art and founded Infinity's Ink.


Infinity's Ink first launched its products in January of 2021 with just 30 designs on a brand new Etsy page. In the beginning, the business received abundant support from friends and family but after the initial rush died down, the team had to find a way to continue the momentum and attract new customers. After months of research and experimentation, targeted advertising, reaching out to other businesses, and natural growth through the Etsy platform, people from all over the U.S. began to find and purchase Infinity's Ink's products. 


Through lots of hard work, commitment to providing outstanding customer service, and creative thinking aimed at growth and expansion, Infinity's Ink's current status has greatly improved from its humble beginnings. 


Today, the Infinity's Ink shop has over 100 unique designs listed on the Etsy page, has shipped products to customers in 46+ states, and has products being sold in over a dozen retail locations throughout the US. Each design is created by our team and all orders are manufactured in-house and hand-packaged with personalized touches. The team works tirelessly to present customers with products that are created and shipped with dedication, thought, and care.


The team at Infinity's Ink is so proud of how far the business has come in such a short period of time, and know that none of this success would’ve been possible without each and every person who has supported us throughout this journey.


Thank you so much!



Cam Lemberg

Owner & Founder

Cam is currently a sophomore majoring in Economics at Cornell University. She has loved art since she was little, so Infinity's Ink is the perfect way to merge her love to create with her passion for business. After college Cam wants to pursue a career in finance and is grateful for the experiences that owning and operating Infinity's Ink continues to provide. Cam especially loves hearing customer stories about giving stickers to their loved ones or how they remind them of home. Fun fact: Cam loves to play ice hockey!


Mo Radcliffe

Owner & Founder

Mo is a sophomore at Cornell's Dyson School of Business. His passion for business led to the original inspiration for Infinity's Ink and his creativity has contributed many new ideas for designs. His analytical approach helps business decision-making and enhances performance. After graduating, Mo plans to pursue a career in finance and is looking forward to applying the skills that he's developed while owning and operating Infinity's Ink. Fun fact: Mo enjoys traveling and has been to ten different countries!